Our most popular plan. If you are an artist looking for complete growth starting from hitting the right playlists and developing a digital footprint then this is for you. We pitch to only the most engaged lists (those with 50k + followers) each month and provide custom PR and feature articles across magazines and blogs. Reckon you would be a good fit? Submit below.

We Are a New Breed of Digital Music Promotion

The Music Herd is the brainchild of multiple music tech and marketing companies, making the same music promotion services and networks used by major labels, accessible and affordable to artists around the world.

By switching the traditional model used by most PR agencies and digital marketing companies, we are able to take the same strategies and resources used by major labels and make it completely accessible and affordable to independent artists.

We have developed unique technology and tools to help us analyse and promote music. We have built relationships with some of the most important gatekeepers in streaming and worked alongside some of the biggest and best artists in the game.

Our experienced team have been working with various major and independent labels but there is a big problem, good streaming promotion is expensive, so expensive that in reality only the major labels and big indies really get a look in.

We are on a mission to put the power, technology and relationships of the major labels into the hands of as many artists as possible. It’s time for a new breed of music promotion.

This is for artists everywhere, not just those with a huge budget to blow.

Artists accepted can expect to start seeing results quickly and there is no huge price tag or long-term commitment.

Want your music heard? Join the herd.

All Your Digital Music Promotion Covered.

Your entire digital music promotion campaign from A-B will is covered. Forget about dishing out fees to different agencies with no set guarantee, and upfront payments for individual service. We cover all digital promotion including growing fans across Facebook, Instagram, Spotify, Youtube and covering frequent blog features and write-ups. From day one to when to whenever you want to finish, we are always pitching your music to the latest Spotify playlists and social influencers to reach as many fans as possible.

Our Networks Are Engaged and Put to the Test

Our in-house and external network of Facebook pages, influencers and Spotify playlist curators are extremely active. We use industry-standard tracking technology only available to major labels to pinpoint exactly where streams and engagement are coming from across all our playlists and digital assets. Sometimes high following doesn’t necessarily mean more engagement and streams and these numbers can easily be fabricated. Our network is continually tested and tracked to make sure you always have the best engagement possible.

We Keep it Tight and Selective

To ensure that we are adding benefit to both our networks and the artists we work with, we keep spots limited. If you want to join the Herd, simply follow the instructions below.

Please choose the right plan that works for you. Selection criteria will vary depending on package level.



Spots are limited, and all artists must go through a reviewing process before being accepted into our network. Once a package is chosen, you will be asked to enter your payment details. Once paid you will either be automatically redirected to our submission form (if not, simply click ‘Return to site’. Our company will show up as Step x Step Media.)

Once submitted your song will be reviewed within 48 hours. You will NOT be charged during this review period and if your submission is rejected then no payment will be taken. If approved, your campaign will continue at a monthly rate. Campaigns can be cancelled at any time. Please email info@themusicherd.com for any issues.

Once payment details are entered, you will be redirected to our submission form.


$1250 / Month 

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